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FUT 22 - Anderlecht's 'Team of the Season' Wesley Hoedt!

time 2022-06-10 09:23

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With the season ending for all major club tournaments around Europe, you can get your hands on many juicy ‘Team of the Season’ (TOTS) Player Cards that are now already available in the game, including one for Anderlecht’s Dutch centre-back, Wesley Hoedt!

This season, Anderlecht has managed to exceed expectations by achieving a remarkable top four (4) place in the Belgian Pro League.

Although the competition is deemed ‘easier’ than the likes of the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, it is still extremely competitive and cut-throat.

With that, it is understandable that Anderlecht’s success was fuelled by its wonderful players and squad members, with one of them receiving a spectacular TOTS Player Card recently.

Who is that player in question?

It is none other than excellent 28-year old defender, Wesley Hoedt who receives great stat improvements as seen here:

(CB) Wesley Hoedt’s ‘Team of the Season’ Player Card: OVR 90

Physicality: 92 (+15)
Defending: 90 (+16)
Passing: 82 (+16)
Pace: 80 (+23)
Dribbling: 77 (+17)
Shooting: 60 (+14)

Hoedt is strong and impeccable at defending, and he can easily catch up to many speedy opposition forwards now too.

To recruit him inside your own UT squad, there are five (5) Squad Objectives that you will need to accomplish first:

GOAL TALLY (Reward: Gold Pack)
oScore twenty (20) goals in any FUT game mode

DUTCH TOUCH (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player)
oScore using Dutch players in twelve (12) separate matches in any FUT game mode

PRO LEAGUE PROWESS (Reward: Premium Gold Pack)
oWin ten (10) matches in any FUT game mode with a minimum of seven (7) Belgian Pro League players in the starting line-up

PLAY 15 (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)
oPlay fifteen (15) matches in any FUT game mode

CROSSING CHANCE (Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack)
oAssist eight (8) goals from crosses in any FUT game mode

These Squad Objectives are quite easy to complete, so make sure to do so before they expire around 5th June 2022 (Sunday).

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