FUT 22: Players Who Feature in UTOTS

time 2022-06-22 10:43

Buy FUT coins for sale at best price, U7buy is your first choice to visit! The UTOTS squad has arrived in packs that will re-release some of the best cards featured during the TOTS campaign, the UTOTS squad is now on sale, giving you another opportunity to get access to some of the best cards released in FUT 22! The main news is that Lionel Messi is NOT featured.

Release Date

The UTOTS side was released on Friday, June 10 at the regular time of 13:00 ET / 18:00 BST. It replaced Serie A TOTS in packs, briefly joining sides Rest of the World and MLS TOTS before ROTW expires on Saturday 11 June and MLS expires on Sunday 12 June. 

UTOTS is exactly what it says on the packaging: all the best pro players are released in one roster. It normally has 15 players, but this year we were given 23, although that still means some of the best talent won't be able to get into the packs again.

Theo Hernandez

Hernandez is a Serie A player, but his French nationality makes him very sought after. With 99 Tempo as your base stat, you can use the Chemist Style to max out his other qualities! 


Marquinhos is another player loved by FUT fans. Put the Anchor Chem Style on him and laugh when your opponent can't do anything to get past him.

You can also check out the full list on the official website of FUT.

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