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FUT 22 - Wolfburg's Gerhardt a 'Shapeshifter'!

time 2022-07-01 10:27

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Following the recent ‘Shapeshifters’ promo, Vfl Wolfsburg’s playmaker, Yannick Gerhardt, will be receiving a surprise ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card that revolutionizes his playing style from a dedicated midfielder to a speedy wingback!

Yannick Gerhardt is a steady playmaker from the middle of the pitch for Vfl Wolfsburg, and he is commonly overshadowed by his compatriots like Thomas Muller and Mario Gotze when it comes to contributions and accomplishments.

Still, that does not take away from the fact that Gerhardt is still a magnificent player when he is on form, and his latest ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card proves this, showcasing wonderful overall stats that fits his new role as a left wingback instead!

Here’s how Gerhardt’s newest player card looks like now:

(LWB) Yannick Gerhardt’s ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card: OVR 91

Pace: 93 (+29)
Physicality: 91 (+15)
Dribbling: 90 (+15)
Passing: 88 (+13)
Defending: 87 (+15)
Shooting: 84 (+13)

As a wingback, Gerhardt is blistering fast, and he is now complete in all other aspects of his play too!

If you’re a fan of Gerhardt, you will need to complete four (4) Squad Objectives in order to recruit him into your own UT squad as well:

FINE FINESSE (Reward: Gold Pack)
oScore four (4) Finesse goals using Midfielders in Squad Battles on Professional difficulty or higher (or Rivals)

ASSIST MACHINE (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player)
oAssist five (5) goals using German players in Squad Battles on World Class difficulty or higher (or Rivals)

THROUGH THE BUNDESLIGA (Reward: Premium Gold Pack)
oAssist a (1) goal with Through Balls using Bundesliga players in five (5) separate Squad Battles on Professional difficulty or higher (or Rivals)

GERMAN ELEVEN (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)
oWin eight (8) matches in Squad Battles on Professional difficulty or higher (or Rivals) with eleven (11) German players in your first team 

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