FUT 23 - Cross-Play now a Possibility?

time 2022-08-01 11:32

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Many official updates have been shared by the developers when it comes to generating hype for the upcoming FUT 23, and if you’ve been clamouring for the chance to play UT with your friends from different gaming consoles, you might be able to do just that now with FUT 23’s cross-play feature!

There is no doubt that FUT is the world’s best football simulation game series to date, beating the likes of the underwhelming eFootball franchise as well as the yet-to-be-released UFL 22.

With FUT 23 now releasing in less than two (2) months, more official news have been dropped that beats its competition right out of the water!

Right now, FUT 23 will finally support cross-play, letting you play against your friends from other video game consoles too.

There is a small caveat to it, though; only consoles of the SAME GENERATION will be able to play with each other, meaning that:

Cross-Play platforms:
oPS4 + Xbox One
oPS5 + Xbox Series X/ S + Google Stadia + PC

This isn’t a big issue at all, since most players have already jumped onto the latest generation platforms already.

Another thing to note is that NOT EVERY GAME MODE will be able to cross-play, with the only possible ones being:

FUT Division Rivals (except co-op)
FUT Champions
FUT Ultimate Online Draft
FUT Online Friendlies (except co-op)
FUT Play a Friend
Online Friendlies
Online Seasons (except co-op seasons)
Virtual Bundesliga (only in Germany)

Due to cross-play, a new shared FUT Transfer Market will also be added, meaning that different players from other consoles can buy your player card that is on sale from your platform, leading to better chances of player card transactions!

Only the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of FUT 23 will NOT be included in the pool, so the online Transfer Market will be shared by:

Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S
Google Stadia

These are certainly exciting times to be an FUT fan, letting you share the fun of playing UT with so many new friends and rivals alike from different platforms around the world!

Things will get pretty lively once FUT 23 drops in September 2022, and you surely want to be there for the party as well.

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