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FUT 22: New FUTTIES Dynamic Duo Objective

time 2022-08-03 16:53

Buy FUT 22 coins at U7buy and enjoy the most advanced coin transfer method and best price! The FUTTIES promo continues in FUT 22, with a five-week celebration dedicating the top players. Atletico Madrid stars Renan Lodi and Matheus Cunha have gained Premium FUTTIES updates and are available to unlock for FREE.

The objective will start on Friday, 22 July and end  on Friday, 29 July, meaning it will last only for one week. To unlock the 94-rated Matheus Cunha card, you need to complete five tasks, during which you will also unlock the 94-rated Renan Lodi card:

Quick Through

Finish 3 assist in Live FUT Friendly and you will get a reward of 1 Gold Pack.

Victory in Metropolitano

Score at least one point with a Brazilian player in 4 different in Live FUT Friendly, and you will get a Rare Player with75+ Rated.

Samba Bros

Score 15 goals in Live FUT Friendly, and you will get one FUTTIES Renan Lodi and Premium Gold Pack.

Brazilian Maestro

Play 4 different matches in Live FUT Friendly: LaLiga Flair with FUTTIES Lodi in your original lineup, and you will get 1 Rare Electrum Players Pack for the reward.

FUTTIES is a regular promo that first appeared in FUT 15 and has been running almost every year since then. This is usually the last event of the current FUT cycle and has several different aspects, each looking at the "best of" and most played cards from the past season. FUTTIES Player Pick Fan Votes will give you the ability to vote on which player gets the enhanced FUTTIES Winner item via SBC, as well as provide players with temporary versions to your club.

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