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FUT 23 - Erling Haaland's Predicted Monstrous Potential

time 2022-08-08 13:54

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Manchester City’s renewed defence of the English Premier League title is now underway with the exclusive signing of Erling Haaland, the raw talent who is likely to receive slight rating improvements after his feats at Borussia Dortmund.

Although winners of the English Premier League yet again, Manchester City are still unable to taste European glory by winning the UEFA Champions League.

With the recent blockbuster signing of Borussia Dortmund forward, Erling Haaland, The Citizens hope that their ‘curse’ can finally be lifted, besides other additions like Julian Alvarez and Kalvin Philips.

Haaland is amongst the world’s most sought-after wonderkids, only 22 years old yet is capable of accomplishing world-class feats on the field.

Last season, he was third (3rd) only behind the legendary Robert Lewandowski and surprise performer, Patrik Schick, in the Bundesliga top scorers chart, scoring twenty-two (22) goals.

In fact, his previous total goal count for Borussia Dortmund was a whopping sixty-two (62) goals out of sixty-seven (67) games, which is unbelievable!

With such proven talents, it is easy to predict Haaland’s new rating in FUT 23:

(ST) Erling Haaland’s Potential Player Rating: OVR 89 (+1)

Shooting: 92 (+1)
Pace: 90 (+1)
Physicality: 88
Dribbling: 82 (+2)
Passing: 65
Defending: 45

Haaland is probably of the same mould as Robert Lewandowski and Mario Gomez, traditional strikers that favour powerful finishing and clever positional awareness to beat opposition defences on the field.

However, one key trait of Haaland is that he is also menacingly fast too, bursting through the pitch at high speeds while also brushing off defenders using his robust physique.

Truly, Haaland seems to be the world’s top striker for the new generation of players for the next few years, and Manchester City now has him as their secret weapon to deploy.

It would certainly be a treat to see his rating be increased slightly when FUT 23 finally arrives on 27th September 2022 (Tuesday).

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