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FUT 22 - Latest FUTTIES Player Card for Toni Kroos!

time 2022-08-10 15:10

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If you’re looking for a supreme central midfielder to control the ebb and flow of a match, look no further than the newest FUTTIES Player Card for Real Madrid’s veteran winner, Toni Kroos!

The new La Liga season is now close at hand, and Real Madrid is primed and ready to defend their title with a rejuvenated team of superstars and elite players.

One such player is former Bayern Munich talent, Toni Kroos, who has gone and won as many trophies as he can get in both Germany and Spain.

A master at dictating his team’s attacking play, his cunning passes and fluid controls of the ball make him a wonderful man to watch during matches.

Not to mention his powerful shots too, which make him a dangerous player to leave unmarked near the goalkeeper’s box.

In FUT 22, with the current FUTTIES promo still underway, a new FUTTIES Player Card – a ‘March Favourite’ version in-game – has just been added for the now 32-year old German player, gifting him with his final player card boost of the game! 

Kroos is now a complete player with no weaknesses whatsoever, as can be seen here:

(CM) Toni Kroos’ FUTTIES Player Card: OVR 95

Passing: 98 (+7)
Dribbling: 94 (+13)
Shooting: 90 (+9)
Pace: 88 (+35)
Defending: 88 (+17)
Physicality: 87 (+19)

Unsurprisingly, Kroos’ passing is the absolute best, but his overall speed and agility has been improved astronomically to make him quick on and off the ball now!

If you’re a fan of Kroos’ newest player card, three (3) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) will need to be completed first (11 Players in each Squad):

REAL MADRID (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from Real Madrid: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 83
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 70

GERMANY (Reward: Small Rare Mixed Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from Germany: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 84
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 65

LA LIGA (Reward: Gold Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from La Liga: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 85
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 60

Kroos’ SBCs will expire on 14th August 2022 (Sunday) so you have some time to try and get his impressive player card right now.

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