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FUT 23 - Updated Matchday Experiences In-Game!

time 2022-08-12 14:56

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Amongst the many updates made for FUT 23 is its Matchday Experience, imitating real-life elements in terms of the overall atmosphere and setting that you might get when watching a football match live!

FUT 23 is set to welcome many fun improvements that make the overall gameplay experience as realistic as possible!

With the game’s release now fast approaching, amongst its many added features is its updated Matchday Experience that recreates the real-life atmosphere and ambience of watching your favourite players battling it out on the pitch.

Following a recently-revealed trailer by the developers, FUT 23 will see changes made to some on-field animations and interactions, such as high-definition textures and actual grass movement like trails left behind by sliding players.

Besides that, in-game cinematics have also been bolstered with the same graphical boosts. In fact, stadium crowds will also welcome new faces and models into the mix, with better graphical effects sprinkled in to make them more lifelike, especially for next-gen consoles.

When it comes to scoring goals, the evolution of the game’s graphics engine provides fluid movements of the net itself, and players will be able to do new goal celebrations as well.

All in all, the additions and changes might seem trivial at first glance, but when you finally manage to play the game for yourself, you’ll see how these ‘small’ improvements will help you experience the game with great detail and much enthusiasm!

FUT 23 will be available on all major platforms starting from 27th September 2022 (Tuesday) so don’t forget!

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