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FUT 23 - Sadio Mane's Possible Rating as Bayern's New Lead Striker

time 2022-08-15 11:15

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New player ratings are bound to be released any time, with the release of FUT 23 not far away, and Bayern Munich’s new superstar, Sadio Mane, is definitely amongst the players that are expected to receive some slight boosts.

Bayern Munich is already amongst Germany’s most fearsome giants in Bundesliga, and though The Bavarians have lost their most historic player, Robert Lewandowski, to Barcelona, the club moved fast to recruit Liverpool’s very own Sadio Mane to replace the departed striker.

Mane’s playing style is totally different than Lewandowski’s traditional number 9 role, but the Senegalese world-class forward has everything that the Polish international does not – speed, agility, dribbling, and teamwork.

Mane can also play as a winger, doing so throughout most of his time at Liverpool, and he WAS amongst the players that continuously haunted Bayern in the Champions League whenever the two (2) teams met, with the German side seeing first-hand how explosive Mane can be when given the freedom to do so!

Following Liverpool’s two (2) cup trophies and runners-up medals for the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League, Mane played extremely crucial roles throughout many of the games, and before leaving The Reds, he had amassed ninety (90) goals in one hundred and ninety-six (196) games in total.

Though that does not compare much to Lewandowski’s goal-scoring sprees, Mane is also successful internationally, helping Senegal win the AFCON tournament just a few months back!

With all of these in tow, it is expected that Mane could be receiving some juicy rating increases in FUT 23:

(CF) Sadio Mane’s Potential Player Rating: OVR 90 (+1)

Pace: 92 (+1)
Dribbling: 90 (+1)
Shooting: 85 (+2)
Passing: 80
Physicality: 78 (+1)
Defending: 44

The 30-year old experienced attacker definitely has pace on his side, and slight improvements to his dribbling and finishing stats are probably on the cards too.

It will be harsh to see the Senegalese player not receive any boosts for all his accomplishments, but we never know.

Let’s wait if this turns out to be true or not on 30th September 2022 (Friday).

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