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FUT 22 - A FUTTIES Player Card for Ajax's Star, Antony!

time 2022-08-17 09:46

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The current FUTTIES promo is still running strong in FUT 22, and this time, Ajax’s talismanic forward, Antony, is set to receive a brand new player card upgrade which boosts his attributes to a whole new level!

Last season was another success for Ajax, winning the Eredivisie for a record 36th time.

In Dutch football, Ajax is amongst the country’s most decorated teams, and the club’s players are world-class superstars that also represent their own respective countries in international tournaments.

One of Ajax’s best-performing individuals is Brazilian talent, Antony, who is still just 22 years of age this year.

Boasting quick feet and incredible pace, Antony already has respectable stats for his basic player card, but his newest FUTTIES Player Card upgrade evolves him into a beast in-game!

Here’s how Antony’s brand new update looks like right now:

(RW) Antony’s FUTTIES Player Card: OVR 95

Pace: 99 (+8)
Dribbling: 98 (+14)
Passing: 95 (+23)
Shooting: 91 (+19)
Physicality: 81 (+16)
Defending: 52 (+15)

Antony’s now uncatchable on the run, and he has all the primary attributes to make the perfect attacker, so it’s no wonder that many top clubs are looking to sign him for the future!

If you’re interested in recruiting FUTTIES’ Antony in UT, you will need to complete two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) first (11 Players in each Squad):

EREDIVISIE (Reward: Prime Mixed Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from Eredivisie: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 83
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 70

BRAZIL (Reward: Small Rare Mixed Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from Brazil: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 84
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 65

You will have a few days to do so before the SBCs expire on 16th August 2022 (Tuesday) next week.

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