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FUT 22 - Aston Villa's Diego Carlos's Latest 'Player Moments' Upgrade!

time 2022-09-07 17:35

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Brazilian centre-back, Diego Carlos, is now plying his trade with Aston Villa in the competitive English Premier League, and to celebrate his latest endeavour, FUT 22 has just added a ‘Player Moments’ Player Card to improve his in-game stats for the new challenges ahead!

29-year old Brazilian, Diego Carlos, is one of the most consistent defenders in Europe, and Aston Villa had just done the right thing by signing him up this season.

With this season’s English Premier League heating up to be more competitive than ever, Diego Carlos will need to step his game up too, and this is certainly the case in FUT 22 where he is set to receive a new ‘Player Moments’ Player Card for his transfer.

Bolstering many of his respectable stats, Diego Carlos now enjoys supreme attributes like so:

(CB) Diego Carlos’ ‘Player Moments’ Player Card: OVR 96

Physicality: 98 (+15)
Defending: 97 (+16)
Pace: 91 (+15)
Dribbling: 85 (+17)
Passing; 82 (+19)
Shooting: 57 (+10)

Diego Carlos can now compete easily against the likes of other elite superstars like Erling Haaland and Mohamed Salah in the EPL, with these new improvements!

Still, you will need to complete two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) first, to recruit him inside your own UT squad (11 Players in each Squad):

BRAZIL (Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from Brazil: 1
oMinimum number of In-Form (IF) / ‘Team of the Season’ (TOTS) Players: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 87
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 55

PREMIER LEAGUE (Reward: Small Rare Gold Players Pack)
oMinimum number of Players from English Premier League: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 88
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 50

That being said, these SBCs will only expire by the end of 5th September 2022 (Monday), so you still have time to accomplish them right now.

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