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U7BUY Cash Vouchers Giveaway

time 2022-09-14 15:23

U7BUY $100K Cash Vouchers Giveaway is arriving!

In order to reward our customers who have been supporting us for a long time, we are issuing Cash Vouchers from Sept.16th 2022 to Sept. 30th 2022.

Do not miss the U7BUY Vouchers Giveaway! This is a great opportunity that you can buy various amounts of FUT 23 coins at attractive prices! The vouchers widely range with a maximum of $30, everyone has chances to get vouchers!

Let’s see how you can get your lucky vouchers!
1.Log in your U7BUY Acc. , get the chance to open the “treasure box ".
2.Open the “treasure box " to get the vouchers. The amount of each voucher varies randomly.

Got your vouchers? You may also need the following tips!
1. The vouchers only can be used when FUT 23 coins are available.
2. One member can only get cash vouchers twice (with a maximum of three at a time) during the promotion.
3. The cash vouchers need to be clicked to claim validity.
4. Coupon Validity: 30 Days
5. The cash vouchers you received, check out at “Personal Centre-My Coupon".
Remember to check U7buy.com from time to time and get vouchers for FUT 23 coins! U7buy will offer more promotions in the future. Do follow our official social media to keep up with the latest news!

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