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FUT 23 - Fictional Ted Lasso's AFC Richmond Now Added!

time 2022-09-26 10:28

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In FUT 23, a shocking new team has just been added in the game, able to be used in all major game modes too – Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond!

Every year, FUT updates its in-game roster and teams with official player data to ensure realism.

That said, in FUT 23, one new club has just been added into the game – a team that is purely fictional and comes from a popular comedy show on Apple TV!

The comedy-drama series, Ted Lasso, features a made-up team of misfits that strive to achieve glory for AFC Richmond, an original club specifically created for the show.

Using the Nelson Road Stadium (fiction) as their home ground, the likes of Thierry Zoreaux (GK), Tommy Winchester (DF), and Kyle McCracken (FW) will be available for you to play with in FUT 23, especially Career Mode.

Fans of the show would definitely have a blast winning the English Premier League with this one, defying all odds to become the best team in England!

Even better, AFC Richmond players might also be added in UT as well.

If that’s true, then we can expect seeing many Ted Lasso players running amok in UT, all showboating their way towards the goal!

Don’t worry, though. Ted Lasso’s team and players are purely optional, so you can leave them alone if you wish to enjoy the authentic, base FUT 23 experience once the game launches.

As a reminder, FUT 23 will be available from all physical and online stores on 30th September 2022 (Friday) onwards.

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