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Team Of The Week And Player Of The Month Updates In FUT 23

time 2022-09-30 10:00

Get all the FUT 23 coins you need safe and fast only from U7Buy! FUT 23 comes with changes to two of its veteran campaigns. We are talking about Team of the Week and Player of the Month. These recurring events have been in the game for a long time. U7Buy has also made some changes so you can keep benefiting from low FUT 23 coins prices and discounts in the new season.

FUT 23 Featured Team of the Week Changes

Team of the Week rolls out each week bringing cards that represent the footballers with the best plays in the week that passed. TotW also has an additional role. It works as an upgrade condition for Ones to Watch items. If the player gets a TotW card, its OTW item receives an upgrade. Players have complained that TotW items have a lesser impact as the season progresses. Several changes to prevent this were implemented. The Featured Team of the Week received attention as well. The potential OVR a Featured Team of the Week card may obtain has been increased. This change gives lower-rated base cards more chances to become desirable items if they receive upgrades based on their performance. Select Featured Team of the Week cards may obtain skill moves and weak foot stat boosts to better depict the moments that got them into TotW. This should make Featured TotW items more special. These boosts will not transfer to the next performance-based card.

FUT 23 Players of the Month Become More Powerful

Player of the Month items for the most popular leagues such as LaLiga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Eredivisie, Premier League, and more are part of FUT 23. This campaign has received some updates to make the items more special and also to give a better reflection of the real football world. In FUT 22, footballer items with lower ratings got Player of the Month cards that weren't on par with the current game content. That's why in FUT 23 the potential OVR increase for POTM items was boosted. This will allow lower-rated cards to have more chances of being part of the users' squads should they obtain performance-based items throughout the season. This will also increase the variety of player-created teams. Besides the OVR boost, select stats may also receive an upgrade. This also applies to weak foot and skill move ratings. The update will balance the player's real performance with their item's capabilities. If a footballer obtains a Player of the Month card, the updates will transfer to their next POTM item.

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