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FUT 23 - Ajax's Players Back at their Best

time 2022-10-03 09:00

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Ajax returns this season with big aspirations to retain the Eredivisie title while winning major European silverware too, and with such expectations in mind, the team needs to be up to par as well.

In Netherlands, Ajax is amongst the biggest teams in the country, and with justified cause.

Winner of the Eredivisie a record 36-times, Ajax also has four (4) European titles under its name, proving how strong they are as a club.

The best Dutch team in history must have the best players on the team too, right?

Well, let’s see how a few of the best Ajax players are rated in FUT 23:


(LW) Dusan Tadic: OVR 84
oPassing: 86
oDribbling: 84
oShooting: 81
oPhysicality: 77
oPace: 68
oDefending: 43

(CAM) Steven Berghuis: OVR 82
oPassing: 83
oShooting: 82
oDribbling: 82
oPace: 80
oPhysicality: 69
oDefending: 40

(LW) Lucas Ocampos: OVR 81
oPhysicality: 83
oDribbling: 82
oShooting: 81
oPace: 80
oPassing: 77
oDefending: 62

(CB) Jurrien Timber: OVR 80
oPace: 82
oDefending: 81
oPhysicality: 81
oDribbling: 77
oPassing: 67
oShooting: 47

(LW) Steven Bergwijn: OVR 80
oPace: 86
oDribbling: 83
oShooting: 78
oPassing: 75
oPhysicality: 70
oDefending: 42

Admittedly, Ajax’s best players don’t quite compare to the likes of Erling Haaland, Thibaut Courtois, and Kylian Mbappe.

Nevertheless, the team has a magnificent squad depth, with all other players in the squad rated almost as good as the five (5) best ones listed earlier!

Ajax is also amongst the most likely teams to cause an upset in the UEFA Champions League every season, so you might be interested in playing with the club in FUT 23.

In fact, Ajax’s players could make up your starting UT squad too, if you’re able to recruit them in-game!

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