What You Need To Know About The FUT 23 World Cup Player Collection

time 2022-11-11 11:05

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More on FUT 23 World Cup Player Items

We already know that a new selection of World Cup-themed player items will make its way into the game. The footballers that have been chosen to play in the World Cup for their national teams will receive World Cup player items. The catch is that these items are time-limited. The first releases might contain footballers that have taken part in the qualifying games for the World Cup. It's also possible the selection will not have all the players that are in the tournament from the start. Items will be added over time. Cards representing players that took part in qualifiers, but not in the tournament teams, will be eventually removed from packs. This will happen after the final selection is decided. We've mentioned that these items are time-limited. What does this mean exactly? It means that the cards are available only until January 4th. They expire after this day. What is the point of getting them if they expire you might wonder? The idea is to bring a thrilling World Cup experience that compels players to look forward to the End of Event rewards. Now all World Cup items are time sensitive. We also have content that does not go away. You can differentiate the time-limited items from the permanent ones by the blue timer mark on the item's picture. If the item doesn't have such an icon, it is yours to keep forever. Keep an eye on the store from November 11th until December 23rd. World Cup player items will be available in packs as bonus cards. More World Cup items can be acquired from Squad Building Challenges and Objectives when the FUT 23 Season 2 starts. Each time you obtain a World Cup player card, the system keeps track of it. You can see your progress in the World Cup section of the main menu. The tracking stops on January 4th. After this date, you have one month to get your rewards manually.

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