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FUT 23: World Cup Path to Glory Cards

time 2022-11-18 15:19

The first World Cup promo has arrived in FUT 23, as well as the Path to Glory getting started! With more cheap FUT 23 coins from U7BUY, you will surly get an upper hand in the game. Season 2 will feature World Cup promo and the Path to Glory event, it seems that Season will be the best update! Find out everything about the promo in FUT 23 and stay up to date with all the latest information.

The Path to Glory promo went live on Friday, November 11 at the regular time of 2:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm GMT. New player items have been added to the packs, as well as some FUT World Cup heroes to take over their base cards. The event will last for 2 weeks, so be prepared for the roster of Team 1 and then Team 2 on Friday, November 18th. After two weeks of the "Path to Glory" promo, on Friday, November 25, the "World Cup Moments" promo will replace it.

Path to Glory is the first World Cup promo of the season and it's going to be great! We have already seen the Path to Glory promo, the latest of which appeared in FUT 21, in honor of EURO 2020 and the Copa America - and it looks like this promo will follow a similar path. This means cards will be upgraded according to the performance of their nations. The cards will be boosted as blow:

+ 1 IF being qualified to be in a group
+1 IF being a winner in Round of 16
5* Weak Foot being a winner for Quarter Finals
5* Quarter Finals being a winner for Semi Finals

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