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Don't Miss Pele's Loan Icon And The Newest FUT 23 Objectives Rewards

time 2023-01-20 10:43

Don't hesitate to buy FUT 23 coins from U7Buy! New FUT 23 Squad Building Challenges and Objectives are available each week. These activities are based on the latest football happenings. One of the most recent news concerns the passing of the greatest player of all time, Pele. The game commemorates his career with a loan SBC. We also have Objectives that reward cards belonging to current footballers. If you happen to run low on FUT 23 coins, U7Buy is here for you!

FUT 23 O Rei Pele Loan Squad Building Challenge

OVR: 98.
Position: Center Midfielder.
Stats: 95 pacing, 96 shooting, 93 passing, 96 dribbling, 60 defending, 76 physical.

The sole requirement has players put together one team with 82 rating. That's all. You can easily complete the challenge. It is worth noting that the reward is a loan item. You can only use it for five games. Even if the card is not permanent it can still help you win some and acquire other cards. Considering that the SBC is not that hard to complete, the reward is worth it if you want to test this card. The name of the challenge, O Rei, is Pele's nickname in his native language. O Rei means The King. The world of football suffered a great loss, but Pele's legacy lives on.

FUT 23 Player Items From Objectives

This Silver Stars Objective is completed in Silver Lounge Live FUT 23 Friendly games. You have to win three games, score eight goals, and manage six assists. The reward is a Joel Ward card that cannot be traded. It belongs to the Centurion collection.
OVR: 74.
Position: Right Back.
Stats: 84 pacing, 60 shooting, 76 passing, 75 dribbling, 83 defending, 78 physical.

The Centurions Gulacsi Objective rewards the goalkeeper's Centurion card and 300 XP.
OVR: 87.
Position: Goalkeeper.
Stats: 87 diving, 86 handling, 79 kicking, 87 reflexes, 45 speed, 86 positioning.
To obtain the card, you must score eight goals with Bundesliga footballers, make four assists with defenders, score a finesse goal in three distinct games, and win six games. All the objectives have to be met in Squad Battle games on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher.

This First Owner Fiesta Objective requires users to play in Live FUT 23 Friendly: Homegrown 11 matches and achieve the following goals: win one game, win three games, win seven games, and play seven games. The reward is a pack that contains five items with 80+ OVR and 100 XP.

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