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The Voting For The FUT 23 Team Of The Year Has Started

time 2023-01-23 10:46

You can count on U7Buy for awesome cheapest FUT coins prices and discounts! One of the most popular FUT 23 campaigns has started. The Team of the Year is just around the corner. As a new year begins, we look back at the 2022 season and choose the footballers that had the best performances. The FUT 23 Team of the Year celebrates the best players of the season that just ended. The community plays an important part in deciding who gets a TotY spot. U7Buy celebrates Team of the Year as well with special FUT 23 coins deals!

What You Need to Know About the FUT 23 Team of the Year

The good news is that the campaign has the same structure as last year. Veteran players know the drill. The other good news is that Team of the Year is an uncomplicated event, so new players will be up to speed with the rules in no time. As we've said, Team of the Year is a celebration of the best footballers. These players have demonstrated that they are talented athletes whose skills know no bounds. Over the last 12 months, they've delighted us with incredible plays and helped their teams win games. Last year was an important year for football. The World Cup brought together top-performing players from all around the world in an amazing showdown. The Team of the Year campaign begins with 100 players. These items have been selected by the FUT 23 people based on the players' performances. The next step involves the community. This is where you come in. The users will vote for their favorites. The voting begins on January 10th and lasts for seven days. Make sure to cast your vote before January 17th. Out of the 100 contenders, 11 will be part of the Team of the Year. The results will be made public in the second half of January. The 11 Team of the Year cards will be available with upgraded stats. If you want to have a say in the Team of the Year, head to the official FUT 23 website. The voting process is easy and fun. You will see 11 blank cards that represent the players that make an entire squad. You will be asked to fill each spot with the footballer you consider the most deserving for that position. For each position, you will choose from four categories – goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and attackers – accordingly.

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