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Upgrade FUT 23 Items During The Fantasy FUT Event!

time 2023-03-13 15:08

Go to U7Buy now if you don't want to miss the latest FUT 23 coins deals and promo offers! The FUT Fantasy campaign is live in FUT 23. Just like the previous event, Showdown Series, this one too is based on what's happening on the real pitch. During the Fantasy FUT event, players can obtain item cards representing various footballers. Similar to the Showdown cards, Fantasy cards can also gain upgrades. The difference is that individual performance also counts. Visit U7Buy if you are looking for cheap FUT 23 coins for sale!

How The FUT 23 Fantasy FUT Upgrade Process Works

The Fantasy FUT event offers players the possibility to boost their squads with items that are based on real games. Let's see what the Fantasy FUT conditions are. The player items from this collection receive upgrades depending on how the real footballer fares on the field and also on the performance of the team. The performance from select games in the domestic run-in is taken into consideration. Several aspects bring a contribution to whether the cards get boosted or not. Clean sheets, goals, assists, and so on are some of the elements that determine the upgrade. When certain milestones are achieved, the cards get a rating boost. The Fantasy FUT player collection includes normal and Hero items. This is the first time when a Hero collection participates in a boost event. Let's see the upgrade milestones. The first six games that are played after March 17th are considered. The first boost is obtained if the team wins one of these next six games. The second boost refers to the player. He must take part in three games for a +1 boost. The third boost is based on the player's position. Attackers and midfielders must get two goals or assists. Defenders and goalkeepers must obtain two clean sheets. The fourth and last upgrade is obtained if the team doesn't lose any of the six games. The Hero upgrade rules are a bit simpler. This also means that the upgrades are fewer. Fantasy Hero cards are eligible for two boosts. One is obtained if the club wins one of the six games. The other is applied if the team doesn't lose any of those games. As Hero cards represent retired players, these items can upgrade based on the performance of a former team. The next six games are the ones that count.

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