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BnS Events: What to Expect in the Following Months time 03/18/2020

Nico Coutant, the senior producer of BnS, addressed a letter to the community revealing the plans for the game in the upcoming months. This is the fourth year since the game was released. It has grown, became more rich and content, and gained huge po...

BnS – Scarlet Tears Update time 05/10/2019

BnS is getting ready for yet another content addition. It is called Scarlet Tears and it caters to high level players. Those who are at least level 55 and have completed the Dying Breaths chapter from the Temple of Succession can delve fu...

BnS – Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan time 03/20/2019

BnS players can expect new challenges with the release of the Legacy of the Hongmoon content update. The patch is a significant one. Players are now able to take their characters even further with the increase of the level cap. The max le...

BnS – Prince of Darkness Update time 03/11/2019

Prince of Darkness is a BnS update introduced in February 2019. It brings a new dungeon, the BnSmate event, and several item changes. The new heroic dungeon is called the Brood Chamber. It can be tackled on normal and hard. Players need t...

BnS – False Idols Update time 07/24/2018

BnS players are preparing to face new enemies in the latest content update. False Idols will be available starting on July 25th. The update brings a game event and new end game content. The Fortune Falls event will have players test their f...

BnS – Secrets of the Stratus New Expansion Unveiled time 04/04/2017

BnS's second expansion called Secrets of the Stratus comes with tons of additions and improvements. Besides content, the expansion also brings quality of life modifications. The main story is continued with a new act. Act 7 unlocks a new ar...

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