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Tree of Savior Guide for Casual Beginners time 07/12/2016

Many players of tree of savior hold the opinion that the meta game is strong, and we all looking for the efficient methods to avoid to be left behind in the end game, especially those casual beginners. And now, i will give the starter pat...

Black Desert Online Beginner Guide(II): What are these Stats in the Game time 03/10/2016

Usually, there are 3 different types of stat you need to level in black desert online. They are stamina, strength and health. These three stats are common in all mmo games. They won’t share across your character. It is important to level ...

Black Desert Online Beginner Guide(I): Common Control time 03/10/2016

Black desert online is a hot mmo game recently, we all know that the performance of your character in game is in your control. Different keys you press mean different action for your character. The basic thing to start black desert online...

Beginners guide to Elder Scroll Online time 11/03/2016

Elder Scrolls online was the fantasy for gamers ever since elder scrolls became popular. PC gamers now had Elder Scroll Online for some time but it is becoming a new experience for PS4 and Xbox One players since it has recently been port...

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