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FF14 – Make it Rain Campaign Event time 06/18/2019

Make it Rain Campaign is a FF14 event. Players must meet two requirements to take part in this event. They need to be level 15. They also need to have completed the envoy quest. If they meet these two requirements, they can head to the St...

FF14 – Starlight Celebration 2018 Has Begun time 12/28/2018

FF14 players can take part in the Starlight Celebration event starting with December 17. Players need to have a level 15 character to be eligible for the event. The event quests are available for a limited period of time so make sure to co...

Take Part In The FF14 Screenshot Challenge time 06/12/2017

FF14 has a community event that challenges players to share their favorite screenshots on Twitter. The catch is that each screenshot has to have a certain theme. The event lasts for two weeks. Each day, a new question will be posted on Twit...

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