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FF14 – Akadaemia Anyder Boss Tactics time 08/12/2019

These are some quick guidelines to defeat the three bosses in Akadaemia Anyder level 80 dungeon in FF14: Shadowbringers expansion. Cladoselache. The tank and healer must watch out for Protolithic Puncture, an attack that does lots of...

FF14 – Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Hard Tactics time 05/05/2019

Nullchu. The boss has a large frontal cone attack that can be avoided by the tank. A player will be targeted by an add that cannot be tanked. The player will leave a damage puddle on the ground. Players need to stack when one of them gets...

FF14 – The Royal Menagerie Tactics time 04/10/2019

FF14 players will notice the duty gauge that fills up as the fight progresses. When the gauge reaches 100, the boss will perform a special attack. Tidal Wave is an attack that pushes players and can knock them off the platform. As soon a...

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