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FIFA 19 Update #9 time 03/12/2019

The update 9 or ninth update of FIFA 19 (version 1.10) is now available on PC, and on PS4 and Xbox One consoles will be available next week. The following changes are mainly focused on gameplay improvements or gameplay. Check out the notes of the...

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FIFA 19 – Cristiano Ronaldo is no Longer on the Cover time 03/08/2019

FIFA 19 went through some recent changes. The game is always adapting to the reality of the football scene but this change has nothing to do with mechanics or rating updates. The game has a new cover image. As we all know,...

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What Are Division Rivals of FIFA 19 time 10/25/2018

FIFA 19 comes with new mechanics for Ultimate Team, its most popular mode. The newest addition to this mode is Division Rivals. This is a new mode that is available within Ultimate Team. To understand Division Rivals is important to...

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What You Should Know About FIFA 19 time 09/15/2018

FIFA 19 is the 26th title in the EA Sports FIFA series. It is set for release on September 28th. The game will be available for PC and consoles including last generation Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. It seems that the previous...

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How Much Will FIFA 19 Cost for the PS 4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Consoles? time 08/29/2018

On September 28, will officially launch FIFA 19 to the market. It will be available for the PC, PlayStation, Xbox One and Nitnendo Switch platforms; It will arrive the same day for all the mentioned devices. EA Sports plans with...

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FIFA 19 Would Come With a Game Mode Never Before Seen: 'Survival' time 08/28/2018

EA Sports still keeps secrecy around the content of the next FIFA 19 installment. At the moment, it is known that the Champions League and the Europa League will be part of the title, after PES 2018 loses the contracts. However,...

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VAR in FIFA 19 time 07/21/2018

If you have been aware of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, you may have noticed that there is an assistant number 4, that is, an extra person who supports the revisions of the plays. That's right, it's about the VAR system. The VAR...

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