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FIFA 20: What is This “Ones to Watch” Program? time 10/14/2019

Ones to Watch is a FIFA 20 program that keeps an eye on the footballers that have had the biggest summer transfers. These are the players that everyone is talking about. They are the most-watched players because everyone is...

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How to do Heel to Heel, Flair Roulette, and Feint an Exit in FIFA 20 time 10/03/2019

FIFA 20 has lots of moves that you can do while playing. Basic moves like passes and dribbling should be mastered by any player that wants to score goals but there are many other moves that have their uses. Here is what you...

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FIFA 20 DEMO: My First Impressions time 09/26/2019

For everybody that is waiting for the 27th, the great FIFA 20 launch day, I have some good news… The official demo is now live for several platforms! I just downloaded mine at Origin and can say, looks awesome. You can do...

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FIFA 20 Volta Story Mode: A Brief Introduction time 09/09/2019

FIFA 20 brings many exciting features to the table. Volta mode is one of them. This mode allows players to experience street football. They will create a new character and use it to play matches that have other rules than the...

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New Features You Never Expected in FIFA Ultimate Team 20! time 09/05/2019

FIFA’s FUT 19 is popular, no one can argue with that, but how can EA keep coming up with new stuff and avoid being accused of doing the same game every year? This article will show you some new features of FUT 20, that way you...

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How About Experience the True Bundesliga in FIFA 20? time 09/04/2019

So, having an immersive experience as real as possible is surely one of the great perks when playing an amazing football (I dare you say soccer) game. FIFA 20 is, of course, at cutting edge of the field. With the official...

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What Do You Think of the Last FIFA 19 Update? time 08/02/2019

FIFA 19 has entered its end-of-life cycle but the work didn't stop for the development team. Just before the FUTTIES event started, a new title update was deployed. As we all know, once the FUTTIES event starts there will be no...

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FIFA 19 – Vote for FUTTIES! time 07/26/2019

FUTTIES is a community-driven FIFA 19 event. A large collection of new player cards is available during the event. All the cards are selected by the FIFA 19 players. The 2019 event lasts for six weeks. Players can vote on each week to decide...

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FIFA 19 – How about FUTTIES Players? time 07/24/2019

The special FIFA 19 FUTTIES players can be obtained from squad building challenges, weekly objectives, and login rewards. They are not available in packs. FUTTIES is a FIFA 19 event during which players can obtain...

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