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FUT Mobile – World Cup Campaign time 07/31/2018

FUT Mobile players are given the opportunity to follow the World Cup championship closely thanks to the new game mode World Cup Campaign. This mode requires that players choose one of the teams that are taking part in the real World Cup. If...

Collect a 99 OVR FUT Mobile Player With the Global Tour Program time 08/14/2017

FUT Mobile players have a new way to stay up to date with football news and to get items in their favorite game. The Global Tour Program is an in game event that lasts for two weeks. During this time, users will be able to take part in new ...

Upgrade FUT Mobile Players With the Retro Stars Program time 07/27/2017

FUT Mobile players who still have football player cards from other programs and missed the chance to upgrade them can now do so thanks to the Retro Stars program. This new event requires players to use three types of tokens to increase the ...

How to Use Pace in FUT 16 time 10/27/2015

No matter in real football or FUT 16, pace is important, A game without any pace is boring, just like the ball aka possession game.A player can easier pass the ball,outpace defenders even score with great pace, we know that everything can b...

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