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FUT Mobile - What You Need to Do Before the Reset time 10/27/2017

Increase team OVR. At the start of the new season, players will be rewarded based on their performance in the season that passed. Team OVR is used to determine players' performance. This means that players have until the end of the first s...

FUT Mobile – Get Ready for the Reset with the Pre-Season Program time 10/13/2017

FUT Mobile will go through a reset. To prepare players for the second season, a new program called Pre-Season is added to the game. It was officially announced that there won't be any other programs in the current season so this is players'...

FUT Mobile is Getting a Reset in November 2017 time 10/01/2017

FUT Mobile will undergo a reset in November 2017. This is a common event for all EA's sports themed apps but it's the first time is happening in FUT Mobile and some players are a bit concerned. A reset means that players will lose most of t...

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