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What Has Happened With The FUT eWorld Cup 2020 time 07/10/2020

FUT 20 eWorld Cup was cut short by the pandemic outbreak. Initially, the Global Series was put on hold. Eventually, the entire event abruptly ended. It was a hard decision but officials did not see any way out. The tournament cannot transition to onl...

FUT 18 EWorld Cup Will Have Anti-doping Controls Managed By FUT Itself time 08/27/2018

The cases of doping in the world of traditional sports are very sporadic. On the other hand, in eSports, this practice has become increasingly common. Many players choose to take pills to improve concentration to stimulants that improve the...

FUT 18 Players Are Preparing for the Global Series Final time 06/30/2018

FUT 18 is a popular e-sport. This year, fans and players have the chance to witness one of the most ambitious tournaments. EA Sports FUT 18 Global Series is an event that comprises of multiple tournaments and contents. Games are played thro...

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