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Final Fantasy XIV – Akadaemia Anyder Boss Tactics time 08/12/2019

These are some quick guidelines to defeat the three bosses in Akadaemia Anyder level 80 dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion. Cladoselache. The tank and healer must watch out for Protolithic Puncture,...

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Final Fantasy XIV - Five Reasons to Join a Free Company time 12/17/2017

Meeting other players. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG and even though there are systems that automatically group up players for PvE and PvP nothing beats social player interaction. The game has one of the friendliest MMO...

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How to Complete Sastasha Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV time 07/04/2017

Sastasha provides Final Fantasy XIV players with their first dungeon experience. The dungeon is unlocked at level 15 which you could reach in few hours with FFXIV Power Leveling service; just after players complete the It's...

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Take Part In The Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot Challenge time 06/12/2017

Final Fantasy XIV has a community event that challenges players to share their favorite screenshots on Twitter. The catch is that each screenshot has to have a certain theme. The event lasts for two weeks. Each day, a new question...

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FFXIV Key Questions and Guide Contents time 12/01/2016

Why should I start crafting?       I want to be able to make my own gear/weapons that benefit my main DoW/DoM class!       I want to make more Final Fantasy XIV Gil and be rich!  ...

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