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New Player's Guide to GW2 Crafting System time 04/01/2017

GW2 has nine unique crafting disciplines. Armorsmiths, leatherworkers and tailors create heavy, medium and light armor. Melee, projectile and magical weapons are crafted by weaponsmiths, huntsmen and artificers. Jewelers fashion trinkets. C...

Basic Fractals of the Mists GW2 Guide time 03/01/2017

Fractals of the Mists are challenging GW2 dungeons designed for groups of five players. There is no level requirement to join a fractal dungeon but most players wait until max level to tackle them so they're considered end game content. Pla...

GW2 Tips for New Commanders time 01/12/2017

GW2 offers players a lot of opportunity to build up their characters and themselves in every which way possible.  Amongst all of these methods to becoming great, you can become a commander and lead troops during the World on World batt...

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