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BnS Farming and Getting Gear time 01/18/2017

B&S is a game full of wonderful items and interesting things but there are some that are too expensive. If you truly want to get the most gold and the best gear in BnS you can do a few things. You can either follow this guide in order t...

World of Warcraft Legion Gearing Guide time 12/15/2016

The most common issue when players hit the max level is not having enough gear to start doing the end game content. This can be frustrating on one hand, but really fun on the other if handled properly. World of Warcraft Legion made it eas...

Best and Cheap Gear in Black Desert Online time 03/20/2016

Everyone want get best gear without spending a lot of money. I am a common player like many others, and i won’t spend 10M on a single piece of armor. I'm currently wearing Basteer Longbow, Baster Helmer Agerian Armor +2, Agerian Gloves, Z...

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