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Rob Gronkowski Try to Defeat Famous Curse of Being the Cover of Madden 17 time 03/26/2017

Since Madden NFL 17 was announced, rumors flourished about who would succeed Odell Beckham Jr. on the cover, shuffling heavily in social networks such as Cam Newton, Von Miller or Antonio Brown. Finally Gronk is dealing with the...

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Madden 17 Which Teams to Use in Franchise Mode time 12/23/2016

This is an aspect of the game where, if you make a wrong move, you are royally screwed for the rest of the game and you will have to restart. In Franchise mode for Madden 17 , you will have to pick your team carefully in order to...

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3 Essential Madden 17 Tips time 12/04/2016

Well it’s time for some more tips about Madden 17 and I think that its high time that all of you guys learn some of the most essential tips in Madden NFL 17. Dubbed the holy trinity, these tips seem a bit straightforward but...

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Madden 17 Auction House Guide time 11/30/2016

Madden NFL 2k17 MUT mode allows players to purchase packs that give them random items. Sometimes the player might not like what they get inside, so they decide to put it up on auction house. This Madden NFL 2k17 auction house...

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Madden 17 Passing Game Tips time 11/28/2016

In Madden 16 it was easier than ever for the game’s quarterbacks to get through the defense. They added plenty of tools to the passing game which gave players hard time keeping up the pace. Madden 17 addresses this in a...

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Madden 17 Week 11 Prediction time 11/27/2016

With Madden 17 being the only American football game out there that’s trying to be realistic it’s our only platform to accurately try to predict the real NFL season. Week 10 didn’t go really well for the predictions as it ended...

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Madden 17 Franchise Tips time 11/26/2016

So you always wanted to build your own NFL team – awesome! Madden NFL 17 Franchise allows you to do just that, and with the tips you will read here it’ll get you up to speed in no time. Madden NFL 17 Franchise mode is a deep...

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Madden 17 Trophy Guide time 11/25/2016

Welcome to the Madden 17 trophy guide. In this guide I’ll guide you through what it takes to unlock most of Madden NFL 17 trophies and get you familiar with the concept. NFL 17 has total of 36 trophies of which 24 are...

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Madden 17 Predictions Week 9 time 11/22/2016

Thus far Madden 17 has been predicting weeks with about 50% average accuracy. Not bad for a video game I’d say. Week 8 has been predicted with a 6-6 score, let’s see how Madden NFL does it in the Week 9 predictions. We have...

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