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Madden NFL 19 is Part of the Xbox One Offerings time 03/21/2019

Once known as offers of the week, now dubbed as Offers with Gold ... but always with the intention of saving us a few euros in terms of buying games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 digitally. And sometimes, not always the good is...

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David Katz, the Man Who Stained a Madden NFL 19 Tournament time 03/13/2019

The 24-year-old remained aloof from other competitors in the championships where he participated, and when he lost he exploded everything. David Katz, 24, was identified as the gamer who shot and killed two colleagues...

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Madden 19 Champions Challenger Mexico Will Go to the NFL Pro Bowl time 01/04/2019

An interception in the last minutes was the key for Edgar Hernandez to be crowned in the Madden 19 Challenger Mexico and thus an all-paid trip will be guaranteed to the next edition of the NFL Pro Bowl 2019 in Orlando, Florida....

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After A Shootout in Florida, EA Cancels the Entire Madden Tournament 19 time 10/07/2018

Electronic Arts (EA), the sponsor of the videogame competition Madden 19, announced that it would cancel the rest of the tournament as a result of the tragedy on Sunday in which three of its players were killed, including the...

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In Madden NFL 19, A Commitment to Realism (First Part) time 09/12/2018

Sports are one of the most successful segments of the video game industry. Most of these franchises publish a new installment in a religiously annual way for a captive and faithful audience. Electronic Arts is currently the...

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Madden 19 Coverage pre E3 - Part 2 time 06/19/2018

Electronic Arts recognizes that Connected Franchise is one of the favorite modalities of the Madden community, so it decided to improve it. Thanks to this, in Madden NFL 19 the community will have more freedom in adjusting the line...

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Madden NFL 19 (Coverage pre E3) - Part 1 time 06/18/2018

We are 2 weeks away from E3 2018. Remember that the fair will take place from June 9 to 12 in Los Angeles. We can´t wait to know the new releases of all developers. Reason why, we could know some rumors, however, Madden NFL 19 is...

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