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NBA Live Mobile - How to Buy Items time 10/14/2017

NBA Live Mobile Coins are the  currency that will be reset in the next season so there is no point in stashing them. One of the best ways to spend coins is to get items from the auction house that will be of use in other game...

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How to Get Started in NBA Live Mobile at the End of the First Season time 10/11/2017

Being a new NBA Live Mobile player towards the end of the first season can be a tricky experience. On one hand, new players missed out on a lot of programs, cards, events, and they're not that familiar with the game yet. On the...

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Best NBA Live Mobile Point Guard Players time 06/23/2017

Steph Curry is one of the four NBA Live Mobile basketball players with 99 OVR that fulfill a point guard position. His stats are 94 speed, 97 3 pointer, 79 defense, 97 dribbling, 87 shooting and 94 passing. This card is used in a...

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NBA Live Mobile – Coin Tips time 04/17/2017

Live events. These are daily tasks that can be completed pretty fast. NBA Live Mobile players can complete around 15 daily events to earn NBA Live Mobile coins and other rewards such as collectible items needed for time limited...

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