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WoW News 08/31/2016

On August 30, the new expansion of World of Warcraft, WoW is: Legion published. So far there is no server problem because the players rush as in Cataclysm or Lich King. In World of Warcraft,  a number of innovations of...

The Division News 05/21/2016

To help all players play PVP well in the division, i give some tips in last article. And now, let’s continue.  First of all, i really advise you to use though corner side, because it gives you that extra health...

The Division News 05/19/2016

The division is a hot game released by Ubisoft. PVP is an interesting way to play it. And in this article, i will give a guide.  First of all, before the tapes clearly, have a half these handled. Personally, I'd...

U7buy News 04/06/2016

To solve many players’ problem in playing PVP of blade and soul with Summoners, i gave some advice in last article and i will share the others now. 1. Strike T2F2 - you want a daze. Without it, you can hardly do a...

FIFA 16 News 01/09/2016

We know magicka is one of the three major attributes in ESO. Magicka is consumed when you attacking or defending with magic. Every class can use magicka in skills and abilities. And it will effect destruction staff and...

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