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Black Friday Offers for FIFA 17 time 12/12/2016

We know FIFA 17 is a football video game, choose the best players and build your own formation is your only task. All FIFA series game players know the activity on black Friday. What are available in FUT 17 on black Friday,...

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A Problem in Ultimate Team of FIFA 16 time 01/17/2016

It has been a problem in previous version of FIFA 16 about the lack of progression. Some gamer consider that they can’t make the highest division holding reward larger than the lower divisions,Even the division 1...

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Some Advice for FIFA 16: What FIFA 16 Needs To Fix(I) time 12/07/2015

We describe several bugs on FIFA 16 in previous article. Although we can’t solve the bugs in FIFA 16, we still hope EA Sports can improve their FIFA game constantly.I summarized some advice on what FIFA 16 needs to fix in...

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Tutorial for Buying Packs in FIFA 16 time 11/25/2015

Buying packs is the thing almost every gamer will do at least once. It can make your Ultimate Team easier. Don’t underestimate it or buy packs random, you must make sure which packs to buy  when to buy and how to buy. All the question...

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Which Pack will Be Available at Happy Hour of FIFA 17(III) time 10/27/2016

This is the last part for the series of articles to introduce the packs which will released at happy hours of FIFA 17 , similarly, i will give the information in details for the last four packs type. Here we go: 15k...

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Which Pack will Be Available at Happy Hour of FIFA 17(II) time 10/26/2016

I have give  which pack will be available at Happy Hour of FIFA 17 in last article, including the start time and finish time of the pack, and how long will it last. And now i will introduce another four packs which will...

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Which Pack will Be Available at Happy Hour of FIFA 17(I) time 10/25/2016

Happy hours are the special time when EA sports will released some packs in the limit time. And the happy hours will appear at the FUT United, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, FUTmas, Lunar New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, FUT...

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Something You should Know about FIFA 17 Happy Hour time 10/24/2016

Happy hour also be know as pack offer or lightning round. EA Sports will release some special promotional packs, of course, these pack are available in the limited time called happy hour. And the lightning rounds are now more...

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