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These are the best defenses in FUT 20 time 04/20/2020

At this time, other years, all sporting activity would be at the peak of the season, with professionals optimally at one point and competing for tournaments where they still had mathematical options to conquer. Football, for example, hit would be in ...

FUT Mobile - How to Get Started in Season 2 time 11/18/2017

Before starting the FUT Mobile app for the first time since the beginning of the new season, players must update to the latest version. If the app is on automatic updates then it has already updated but if not, players should update it manu...

Which is the Best Class for SWTOR? time 01/29/2016

Recently, there is a player of swtor have the doubt that he wants to play with his friends, but his friends are in the another server. In this case, he wants to play on the another server and want to choose a best class for that. ...

Young Players for Different Positions in FUT 16 time 11/03/2015

Every year, FUT will update their database of players, this means there are some young players join in the game, such as FUT 16. In FUT 16, the best feature of the game is identify young talent players.I summarize some young players for dif...

All Tips For Playing Alex Hunter In The Journey time 10/01/2016

The Journey is a new career mode of FUT 17 . There are several parts to play through with Alex Hunter. Here we will offer you all the tips for every part. If you want to know things about the story, please read article: Story for the Journe...

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