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Elder Scroll Online – Las Vegas Expansion Reveal Event time 01/29/2020

Are you wondering what the next Elder Scroll Online adventure is going to be? We've already seen that it will take place in the beloved province of Skyrim. That's all we know so far but only a few weeks sit between us and more details. The full revea...

FF14 – How to Play the Samurai Job time 09/04/2017

The Samurai is one of the two new jobs from the FF14: Stormblood expansion. Players that want to try this new class need to first have a level 50 disciple of magic or war character. They also need to have the expansion. The quest to unlock...

Most Useful Tips for Tree of Savior Beginners(I) time 05/24/2016

Tree of savior is a mmo game developed by IMC games. To help play well and improve your skills, I'm here to bring you unique tips for players starting to your savior.  1. If you do twice today you need to kill him. You will over...

A Tutorial for Defending from Corners in FUT 16 time 01/14/2016

Usually, your opponent score a goal from corner kick mainly because your defender failed to track an attacker, or he didn’t defending well from corners. To solve this situation, practice is important, practice with some skills is more imp...

The New Updates for FUT 16 time 10/29/2015

The new updates let fut 16 become more competitive, and more players like to play it. For this new updates, which is contained many aspects, the strikers, the defenders, the keepers and some others skills. We will tell you the details abou...

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