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Elder Scroll Online – Introducing the Necromancer time 05/16/2019

elder scroll Online class roster is getting bigger with the release of the Elsweyr expansion. This premium content addition is coming on June 4th. A new class is among the features of this new expansion. Players will be able to become Nec...

Crowfall Campaign System time 02/12/2017

Crowfall aims to enrich the MMO genre with a new type of game. This “throne war simulator”, as its creators label it, proposes a new type of gameplay where characters are persistent but the content is dynamic. At its very core Crowfall is a...

FUT 16 Bale or Suarez? time 03/19/2016

Each FUT player wants to build a dream team in FUT 16, but not every player has enough coins. Recently there is a FUT player has such situation: He wants to build a team of BBVA in FUT 16, he has a preference to Bale and Suarez, but he ca...

FUT 16 Amazing Attacking Trick(II) time 12/29/2015

FUT 16 is a fantastic game for players to play, you can experience the real football playing in the games, and you can use any you like skill after you master it. In fut 16 playing, the most important is to score a goal and to get fut 16 ...

Top Strikers to Use in FUT 16(I) time 12/19/2015

As we all know that there are many positions in fut 16 and real football playing, talking about the attacking, you must realize the the strikers, who are very good at scoring a goal, and can help you to win the game to get more fut 16 ult...

NBA 2K16 Looks Awesome time 09/15/2015

The NBA 2K16 hits the shelves on September 29th, which is called “the most authentic and real gameplay a basketball simulation title has ever delivered”. Today we will give you the details about the layout and appearance. NBA 2K16 lo...

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