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Are You Curious About The New FUT 21 Positioning Personality? time 09/16/2020

FUT 21 comes with a list of gameplay updates. Several updates concentrate on the Player Personality concept. In this year's game, the players' actions will depend on more attributes than in the previous game. This is to make sure that the best player...

Should You Play NBA 2K18 Mobile? time 04/09/2018

Chances are if you are an NBA 2K18 player, you know that there's a mobile version of the game as well. This is not to be mistaken with the companion app. NBA 2K18 mobile is a buy to play game whereas the companion app is free. The game can ...

The New Rule Announced by FA in Premier League time 07/21/2016

With more and more fouls appearanced in the game or outside the game, in order to decrease it, the FA announced the new rules for the players and the manager in Premier league playing. In the announcement, it states that the poor conduct ...

Bad Referees in FUT 16 Playing time 02/11/2016

In a football game, the player is the main character, and the referees are also important. In the player simulation FUT 16, which appears on 24 September, the referee also play an important role on the court. About the players also have m...

Changes of FUT 16 on Xbox 360 and PS3 time 11/10/2015

EA Sports try to realize FUT game’ s innovation from different platforms for a long time. So FUT 16 on Xbox and PS3 have a series of new features. Here is an article of changes of FUT 16 on Xbox 360 and PS3. I will give two lists. The ...

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