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Runescape 2007 - What is Gnome Restaurant time 04/29/2018

Runescape 2007 has a mini-game called Gnome Restaurant. It's a mini-game but it's also an introduction to gnome cooking. The requirement for this activity is to have at least 29 in the cooking skill. Players will start by talking to Aluft ...

Runescape 2007 - Got Lost in Melzar's Maze? Read This! time 01/22/2018

Melzar's Maze is one of the available Runescape 2007 dungeons. Players can travel to Rimmington, Port Sarim, Crandor, or the Crafting Guild as the dungeon is fairly close to these locations. The requirement to enter the dungeon is to have t...

Runescape 2007 - Have You Gained Access to Legends Guild? time 12/24/2017

Legends Guild is one of the premium Runescape 2007 guilds. Players must meet two conditions to gain access to all the guild's features. First and foremost, they need to be subscribers. The second requirement is completing the Legends' Quest...

WhatYou Need to Know About Runescape 2007 Chambers of Xeric time 06/12/2017

Runescape 2007 players who travel beneath Mount Quidamortem will find the Chambers of Xeric, a raid with seven bosses. There are multiple ways of getting there. The easiest way is to use the mine cart system. A mine cart scroll and 65% fav...

Get More Runescape 2007 Rewards by Completing Achievement Diaries time 05/21/2017

Runescape 2007 has a feature called Achievement Diary that tasks players with missions. This activity helps players get extra rewards. The achievement diary is known among players as diaries or tasks. Players will notice that most tasks are...

Introduction to Runescape 2007 Questing System time 05/15/2017

Runescape 2007 quests are tasks that are given to players to complete for XP and various rewards. Some quests are needed to gain access to new areas or to unlock other quests. There are also minigames and miniquests that can only be started...

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