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Discover the World of FF14 With Sightseeing time 05/24/2017

Sightseeing is a non combat FF14 feature that requires players to discover vistas all over the game world. This feature was introduced in a patch and has a few unlock requirements. Players need to first achieve level 20, complete the story ...

Where to Get Thamium 9 in No Man’s Sky? time 08/11/2016

If you are a fan of no man’s sky, you must know the Thamium 9, which is a great resource for all players exploring the vast space. This guide will show you for the details in the following. For the players finding, the Thamium 9 is ...

Need Learn Skill Moves in FUT 16 Playing? time 07/19/2016

For fut 16 playing, someone said if you want to get succeed, you should build up a good team, and someone said you should have the better players, and also someone said you should learn skill move. The better players and the better team ...

Tips for The Division Beginners(I) time 05/04/2016

Do you start the division? Try to image, you have secured the Base of Operations and now there is all sorts of icons on the map. You want levels, gear and weapons. Where do you start? I summarized a bunch of tips for beginners covering wh...

FUT 16 Long Shot Skills time 10/20/2015

Long shots is one of common attack skills in football.It”s a pleasing scoring skill,too.Master this skill is necessary no matter in FUT15 or FUT 16.Shooting from a long distance often result in some truly beautiful goals.In fact, long shot ...

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