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Elder Scroll Online Guide for Grouping(II) time 12/06/2016

To help all Elder Scroll Online players play well in group, i gave a guide including general guidelines and DPS guide. And now, let’s continue.    Health Guide: To be proactive, do not react. Strict reaction will make peopl...

Elder Scroll Online Nightblade Guide time 11/17/2016

So you have just started playing elder scroll Online and you want to be one of those cool ninja like Nightblades? Well you can’t, go away. Alright joking aside the Nighblade is a pretty interesting class within the world of elder scroll ...

Beginner Guide for Elder Scroll Online Dungeon Roles(I) time 11/09/2016

In elder scrolls online, every player will have a given role which means something you will do automatically, it is also a part of your build. Elder Scroll Online dungeon roles are constantly evolving synergy where every possible situati...

Best Tank Skill in the Division(II) time 05/09/2016

In last article, i gave a basic introduction for tank in the division. And now, i will continue talk about attributes for tank skill. It is an important part for all mmo games, the division is not exception. Let's start with attri...

Best Tank Skill in the Division(I) time 05/09/2016

In this article we will talk about tanks and no I don't mean the heavy artillery caterpillar tracks, I mean laying the tank, it was more of a theory build a chance to revisit this and give you a more up-to-date built. Before we get...

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