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Neverwinter Control Wizard Equipment Guide time 11/15/2016

Back in control, push them fur… Oh…Not a lot of you get that huh? Never mind. Here we are with a class guide for Neverwinter’s Control Wizard class. This class is dedicated to dealing a large amount of damage to multiple enemies. Control ...

Wizard Guide in Riders of Icarus time 07/26/2016

In riders of icarus, Wizard is a class which can provide the power, launching devastating fire and ice spells over large areas and annihilating enemies before they get close to you. In fact, Wizard is the most powerful DPS class in t...

Class Review for Wizard in Tree of Savior time 06/06/2016

It is not easy to choose a class in tree of savior, and it is impossible to master the skill simulator. But a basic thing, you should know about its skills well. I will take Wizard as an example.  As a base class in tree of savi...

Tree of Savior Guide for Wizards and Building Paths time 04/28/2016

Now i will start this guide with my own experience of playing tree of savior. I played this game for a period of time and i think it is interesting. But i am really worried about building path when play with Wizards. And i think there is ...

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