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FUT 20 – Nicky Romero Featured Squad Battle time 03/02/2020

Another featured squad battle is available in FUT 20. Nicky Romero the famous DJ is the host of this squad. Here are the footballers that he chose to be part of his team. Do you think you can beat it? Koeman and Van Der Sar are the two Icon items ...

Madden NFL 18 Review (Part 2) time 09/26/2017

Longshot and Frostbite, main news This year EA Tiburon offers us with a delivery Madden 18 full of innovations ranging from the graphic section to the addition of game modes unpublished in the saga. Without forgetting to implement also sma...

Where to Farm Silver in Tree of Savior? time 05/26/2016

As a tree of savior player, you must know that the silver is playing the important role for the game playing. The enough tree of savior silver can help you to buy your desired items, weapons or others, which laos can help you to level you...

Some Advice for New FUT 16 Players time 01/19/2016

Ultimate team is an interesting mode in FUT 16, it is not enough to know the basic task is build your own squads. In this article all new FUT gamer can find some simple tips to play ultimate team. First, you need to learn to use the ...

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