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Neverwinter Control Wizard Equipment Guide time 11/15/2016

Back in control, push them fur… Oh…Not a lot of you get that huh? Never mind. Here we are with a class guide for Neverwinter’s Control Wizard class. This class is dedicated to dealing a large amount of damage to multiple enemies. Control ...

Tree of Savior Guide for Upgrading Equipment time 07/07/2016

In tree of savior, there are different levels for the equipment, and it is a task for you to upgrade your equipment and weapons. You can experience the success when you get the top level for your equipment. And now i will give a guide.&nb...

How to Upgrade Equipment in Tree of Savior time 05/07/2016

In tree of savior, the equipment level play important role. All players need to stay on upgrading equipment. And now i will give a guide. First, the basic thing. When you upgrade your equipment, you need Anvils which can be bought fr...

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