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Is Kubo Future Stars worth it? time 02/13/2020

The Japanese Take kubo was one of the sensations of the preseason at Real Madrid, which made him win a hole as given in a top team like Mallorca. Many people want to see him play for the quality and projection ahead. That is why an SBC with its Futur...

FUT 20 – Future Stars Players time 02/12/2020

FUT 20 has just released this season's Future Stars collection. These are the players that are expected to achieve great things in the world of football. Here are the footballers and their attributes.  Joao Felix has the highest rating. He is...

FUT 20 – Future Stars Are Here time 02/03/2020

FUT 20 Ultimate Team introduces a new collection of footballers. The name is Future Stars and it is themed around the young footballers that show the most potential. These are the newcomers that have the best ratings. This collection provides a...

What are the FUT 20 Future Stars? time 01/27/2020

With the TOTY living their last hours in the envelopes, it's time to recover and start thinking about the future. This is how good FUT is. As much as you open 100 envelopes looking for that Van Dijk or that Messi and don't touch anything at al...

FUT 19 – FUT Future Stars time 01/30/2019

FUT 19 players will be able to acquire special players that are part of the FUT Future Stars program. There are many talented football players that are at the start of their professional career. They will be featured in but their stats w...

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