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FUT 21: Fenerbahce’s Jose Sosa ‘Team of the Season’ Upgrade time 05/17/2021

The Turkish Super Lig may not be as popular or followed as the likes of other elite club competitions such as the English Premier League, La Liga Santander and Serie A, around the world.   However, many reputable footbal...

FUT 19 for Nintendo Switch Will Weigh Less Than FUT 18 time 09/26/2018

The new game of FUT for Switch will have a smaller size than its version of last year, despite having many important improvements over the previous one. The Nintendo Switch eShop has been updated once again to start hosting some of the gre...

Elder Scroll Online Crafting Guide time 11/30/2016

Thanks to its excellent design, The Elder Scroll Online is able to do what many games have not and that is to create a good crafting system. The crafting in Elder Scroll Online works like with many MMORPG’s where you go around collection ...

Q&A for 4 Man Blood Shark Harbor in BnS time 03/03/2016

We know Bloody Shark Harbor releases and the base crit on the set is from 600-800 and more pierce/hit, the difference is going to be even larger. There is a real reason why it is suggested that you have PvE set and a PvP set. And to play ...

The Longlist of 2015 FUT Golden Ball time 12/02/2015

FUT Golden Ball is also be called FUT Ballon d’or. In association football, every year, the players who performed the best can win this award. In real football, the 2015 FUT golden ball longlist has come out, let’s have a look.There are 59...

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