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STO – Rise of Discovery time 06/04/2019

STO players have the chance to explore the next season in the Age of Discovery chapter. This is for the first time when the game and the TV show are running at the same time. The next story-driven update is called Rise of Discovery. The c...

STO – Mirror of Discovery time 02/25/2019

STO has been released in 2009. Ten years later, it's the first time when the popular sci-fi MMO runs in parallel with the TV show it's based on. We are used to seeing content inspired by the TV show in the game but now we have the chance ...

STO - Age of Discovery Content Update time 12/18/2018

Age of Discovery is a content update for STO MMO. It is created in collaboration with CBS show writers who are working on Star Trek: Discovery TV show. Characters from the show will make an appearance in the game as NPCs. Players will be ab...

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